[RFA 2/4] dwarf2_physname

Keith Seitz keiths@redhat.com
Mon Dec 14 19:33:00 GMT 2009

On 12/08/2009 11:47 AM, Keith Seitz wrote:
> Yeah, this is *really* bad. Really, really bad. But this was just a an
> attempt at "making it work." Now comes the "make it faster" part. I have
> a few ideas about redundant calls and whatnot, but it will undoubtedly
> take some real effort and refactoring to really make the best of this.
> I'm working on some performance numbers now with OpenOffice.org Writer
> as Tom suggested. I'll follow up on this later in this thread when I
> have some more data collected.

Okay, so I have some performance numbers for my box using CVS HEAD 
patched and unpatched with my dwarf2_physname patches.

Yes, --readnow and things like "info func" and "info types" will take a 
big performance hit (really big right now).

So, without further ado...

I did three tests, all with OpenOffice.org Writer, as Tom suggested. So 
when you see $PID, you'll know what PID that's for.

1. time ./gdb -nx -q --batch-silent --pid $PID 2> /dev/null

real    1m14.906s  0m14.517s  0m12.229s  0m12.669s  0m12.638s
user    0m19.050s  0m11.985s  0m11.770s  0m11.738s  0m11.754s
sys     0m1.998s   0m0.484s   0m0.448s   0m0.437s   0m0.431s

real    1m6.761s   0m12.143s  0m12.070s  0m12.098s  0m12.128s
user    0m18.863s  0m11.710s  0m11.652s  0m11.695s  0m11.683s
sys     0m1.954s   0m0.420s   0m0.390s   0m0.390s   0m0.413s

2. time ./gdb -nx -q --batch-silent --pid $PID -ex "thread apply all bt 
full" 2> /dev/null

real    1m9.236s   0m12.739s  0m12.619s  0m12.613s  0m12.565s
user    0m19.059s  0m12.178s  0m12.170s  0m12.166s  0m12.102s
sys     0m1.883s   0m0.433s   0m0.440s   0m0.434s   0m0.456s

real    1m8.355s   0m13.276s  0m13.211s  0m13.208s  0m13.138s
user    0m19.863s  0m12.679s  0m12.750s  0m12.708s  0m12.708s
sys     0m0.978s   0m0.465s   0m0.436s   0m0.422s   0m0.425s

3. time ./gdb -nx -q --batch-silent --readnow --pid $PID 2> /dev/null

real    10m42.371s  6m57.499s  6m2.538s   7m50.482s  6m46.206s
user    1m43.927s   1m40.768s  1m40.768s  1m40.673s  1m41.129s
sys     0m9.349s    0m7.875s   0m7.038s   0m8.751s   0m7.552s

real    774m37.623s
user    3m48.010s
sys     0m14.745s

As you can see, --readnow (and by extrapolation "info func" and "info 
type") take an enormous performance hit. The dwarf2_physname patch as it 
currently exists, though, appears to have a pretty minimal impact on 
performance for more "normal" or "mundane" usage.

In other news, I've tested linux native using STABS, and there are two 
test files that show a total of five regressions, which I am digging 
into. [I've eliminated another five failures because they also exist as 
"failures" in the DWARF case (the library is still using DWARF!).]

As I'm sure we all know, STABS and C++ are such horrible bedfellows to 
begin with...


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