About the link to wiki in reversible.html

Eli Zaretskii eliz@gnu.org
Fri Dec 11 08:47:00 GMT 2009

> From: Hui Zhu <teawater@gmail.com>
> Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 14:59:21 +0800
> Cc: Michael Snyder <msnyder@vmware.com>, gdb-patches ml <gdb-patches@sourceware.org>
> And I checked the http://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/ReversibleDebugging,
> all the information in it is include in
> http://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/ProcessRecord
> So I think maybe we can delete
> http://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/ReversibleDebugging

I would rather suggest to do the opposite, after making sure
everything we say in http://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/ProcessRecord is
in the ReversibleDebugging page.  That is because the topic of
"Reversible Debugging" is broader than just "process record and
replay".  The latter is just one way of implementing reversible
debugging.  It's not the only way, however.

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