[RFA/commit] use libiconv.a instead of -liconv for in-tree libiconv

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Thu Dec 3 22:59:00 GMT 2009


As I mentioned earlier on IRC, we're building GDB with an in-tree
libiconv, and I discovered that the True64 handler does not pick up
libconv.a when using -liconv :-(. As a result, we ended up building
GDB with the system libiconv instead of the in-tree one.

Trivia: libiconv on Tru64 5.1 does not handle encoding ISO-8859-1.
Tru64 5.1B, on the other hand, seems to be OK with it...

The way I fixed the problem is to not depend on -l for in-tree
libiconv, and use BUILD_LIBICONV_LIBDIR/libinconv.a instead.
I will monitor AdaCore's nightly builds on all our platforms
for unexpected issues, but I thought I'd put this change out for
review early, in case there are any suggestions.

2009-12-03  Joel Brobecker  <brobecker@adacore.com>

            * acinclude.m4: Link against in-tree libiconv by adding
            libiconv.a to the LIBS instead of using -liconv.
            * configure: Regenerate.

Tested on x86_64-linux, by rebuilding GDB, with and without in-tree

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