PR/2386 [2/2]: MinGW attach to process without an exec file

Eli Zaretskii
Mon Dec 31 06:35:00 GMT 2007

> Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 12:08:28 -0500
> From: Christopher Faylor <>
> >> +    warning(_("working version of psapi.dll not found.  DLL and executable filenames may not be available."));
> >
> >This is not a useful message, IMHO.  I, as a user, would not know what
> >to do with it.  We need to says specifically that attach without an
> >exec file name will not work, and that users should use `file'
> >etc. commands to work around.
> Could you give me some exact wording, please? Is this adequate?
> "working version of psapi.dll not found.  Use `file' and `dll' commands to specifically load symbols."
> ?

IMO, the first sentence is a technicality that doesn't help.  How
about the following instead?

  Cannot find executable file by PID.  Use "file" and "dll" commands
  to load symbols.

> Note, that this is actually an enhancement for what has existed in gdb
> for years.

Sure, but we want to improve things, right?

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