PR/2386 [2/2]: MinGW attach to process without an exec file

Eli Zaretskii
Sun Dec 30 04:20:00 GMT 2007

> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 22:43:47 +0000
> From: Pedro Alves <>
> 2 - PSAPI
>     - Available on NT only, as a seperate dll.

Are you sure it isn't available on 9x?  I have a copy of a disk from
my older 9x machine, and I do see psapi.dll there.

>       I believe that on
>       2000, it comes with one of the service packs.  XP, I believe
>       comes with it.

Yes, on my XP machine I see it as well.

> In any case, we can put a warning in infcmd.c:attach_command,
> when the exec file isn't found, instructing the user to use the
> "file" command.

Yes, if looking up the exec file fails, please issue a clear message.

I also requested for an update of the manual to state the limitations.

> > For the Windows 9x case, I'd prefer if there was just a straightforward
> > error which indicated that what was being attempted is not available on
> > non-NT versions of Windows.
> > 
> But why?  It's not like supporting it in this case is hard.  It can be
> shoved in 30 lines of code, just getting at toolhelp, and iterating over
> all the processes ...  Pretty self contained, doesn't impact anything
> else.

I also think that using ToolHelp32 is an okay solution of this.

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