PR/2386 [2/2]: MinGW attach to process without an exec file

Eli Zaretskii
Sat Dec 29 11:47:00 GMT 2007

> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 19:42:28 -0800
> From: Joel Brobecker <>
> Cc:
> > Then we should document it somewhere, that we don't support
> > Windows 9x anymore.  Maybe in the NEWS file ?
> I personally don't mind declaring the end of support for 9x and NT.

I do.  Many 3rd-world countries still have lots of users of older
systems, and I don't think we should drop their support as yet.

Granted, if Cygwin maintainers don't care about older Windows, then the
Cygwin port of GDB doesn't have to, either.  But the native MinGW port
does not have to automatically follow that suit, IMO.

As I wrote elsewhere, the Windows 9x support in the original patch was
not too hairy, IMO; most of the hair was due to NT support in some
situations which I don't understand yet (see my questions to Pedro).
So perhaps even limiting 9x support is not necessary.

> But,
> we don't necessarily have to be that extreme - We could still support
> Windows 9x but with limitations. Being able to attach the debugger
> to a PID without specifying the executable is not a critical feature,
> and if the rest is known to work, it's still a very fine debugger.

I can live with this limitation, provided that:

 . We state it in the manual, and

 . GDB issues a clear error message when asked to attach to a process
   by PID alone, and is unable to figure out the executable file name.

> BTW: Pedro, thanks very much for your work on the Windows port.


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