PATCH: Doc fix for multi-fork.exp

Jim Blandy
Wed Dec 26 21:41:00 GMT 2007

Committed as obvious.

2007-12-26  Jim Blandy  <>

	* gdb.base/multi-forks.exp: Doc fix.

diff -r e03bdf72cdc7 gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/multi-forks.exp
--- a/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/multi-forks.exp	Wed Dec 26 08:14:39 2007 -0800
+++ b/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/multi-forks.exp	Wed Dec 26 09:10:29 2007 -0800
@@ -53,9 +53,14 @@ global gdb_prompt
 # parent and child of multiple Unix fork() system calls.
-# Inferior program calls fork 4 times.  Since each fork
-# calls fork 4 times, there will be 16 forks.  Each fork
-# saves the return values of its own 4 fork calls.
+# The inferior program builds a tree of processes by executing a loop
+# four times, calling fork at each iteration.  Thus, at each
+# iteration, the total number of processes doubles; after four
+# iterations, we have 16 processes.  Each process saves the results
+# from its 'fork' calls, so we can tell which leaf a given process is
+# by looking at which forks returned zero and which returned a pid: a
+# zero means to take the child's branch; a pid means to take the
+# parent's branch.
 # First set gdb to follow the child.
 # The result should be that each of the 4 forks returns zero.

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