[RFA] TUI do not display current execution point

Daniel Jacobowitz drow@false.org
Wed Dec 19 15:20:00 GMT 2007

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 02:56:18PM +0100, Pierre Muller wrote:
> Code in gdb directory (utils.c and top.c) 
> using PATH_MAX first check if that macro is defined.
> Shouldn't you do the same in that patch?

Yes.  Also, please correct the ChangeLog entry; you're changing
MAX_LOCATOR_ELEMENT_LEN so that goes in parentheses.

Changing it to a bigger hardcoded constant is OK in this case,
although the right fix would be to remove the hardcoded length
(that's in the GNU Coding Standards, I think).

Daniel Jacobowitz

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