PR 2343 fix: signal number mismatch

Aleksandar Ristovski
Sun Dec 16 22:19:00 GMT 2007


Could you, please, let me know if I need to provide some additional
information for this? I thought the patch was straight forward, but I may be

Thank you,

Aleksandar Ristovski
QNX Software Systems



This patch fixes PR 2343: when host and target system OS differ, there can
be mismatch between signal numeric values. This patch introduces new gdbarch
function to allow different targets define their own mapping to enum


2007-12-13  Aleksandar Ristovski <>

	* gdbarch.h: (gdbarch_target_signal_from_target_p): New function.
	(gdbarch_target_signal_from_target_ftype): New typedef.
	(gdbarch_target_signal_from_target): New function.
	(set_gdbarch_target_signal_from_target): New function.
	* gdbarch.c: (struct gdbarch): New field -
	(struct gdbarch startup_gdbarch): Initialization for the new field.
	(verify_gdbarch): Added comment, 'Skip verify...'.
	(gdbarch_dump): Printing debug info for the new field.
	(gdbarch_target_signal_from_target_p): New function definition.
	(gdbarch_target_signal_from_target): New function definition.
	(set_gdbarch_target_signal_from_target): New function definition.
	* corelow.c: (core_open): Added logic for calling new function if

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