[gdbserver/win32] (3/11) Fix suspend count handling

Pedro Alves pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt
Mon Dec 3 03:53:00 GMT 2007

Lerele wrote:
> Just a couple small tiny details:
> Not that it's super important, but in all the series of patches where 
> both our names appear, I think my name should be listed second (if at 
> all) in the changelog, as Pedro did the vast majority of the work for 
> these patches, and merged with the one I sent.
> What's fair, is fair, I think. :)

I don't think there's any written rule about the order
of the names, but, if were to write one, I'd say that the
chronological order in which people touched the patch
would be the most objective.  Saying who's done more than
who is very subjective, and honestly, I'm certainly not
losing my sleep over that.

> Also, is it necessary to include the eMail?

This will need an answer from someone who knows the
rules better than me.

It is costumary to post the raw email address on the body
of the patch submission messages, on the ChangeLog entry.
I'll try to remember not putting yours raw the next time
I submit a patch with your name on it.  Please understand
that you'd be the exception to the rule, so it is
susceptible to being forgotten or overlooked.

Looking over the ChangeLog files of gcc/binutils/gdb [1],
I see a few entries setting precedent of using mangled

[1] grep "^[0-9]" ChangeLog*| grep -v "@"

> I'd prefer not to include mine if this is possible, if this can lower 
> spam getting into my mail box.

If you're already being spammed, then I doubt this
can make a difference.

I'd like to move forward, so I've removed your email
address from the pending entries, making them like like
so for now:

2007-12-03  Leo Zayas
	    Pedro Alves  <pedro_alves@portugalmail.pt>

Changing it to some other form if needed can be easilly
done later.

Patch checked in.

Pedro Alves

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