[PATCH] Fix s390 problems with current GCC

Andrew Cagney cagney@gnu.org
Sat Oct 23 14:29:00 GMT 2004

Ulrich Weigand wrote:

> 	* s390-tdep.c (enum pv_boolean): Remove.
> 	(pv_is_array_ref): Remove.
> 	(s390_on_stack): Remove.
> 	(S390_NUM_SPILL_SLOTS): Remove.
> 	(struct s390_prologue_data): Remove members 'spill' and 'back_chain',
> 	add members 'gpr_slot', 'fpr_slot', and 'back_chain_saved_p'.
> 	(s390_store): Track all stores of orginal incoming registers to the
> 	stack constant offsets relative to the CFA, instead of only tracking
> 	stores into specific spill slots.
> 	(s390_load): Likewise.
> 	(s390_analyze_prologue): Adapt to struct s390_prologue_data changes.
> 	(s390_prologue_frame_unwind_cache): Likewise.  Only track registers
> 	defined as call-saved by the ABI.
> 	(s390_push_dummy_call): Use bottom of dummy call argument save area
> 	as return value, not the top.  Do not store to the called function's
> 	register save area.
> 	(s390_unwind_dummy_id): Adapt accordingly.

Ok, for mainline and 6.3.  Can you post test results for the relevant 


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