gdbserver build broken on amd64-linux

Mark Kettenis
Wed Oct 20 15:47:00 GMT 2004

   Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 08:24:41 -0700
   From: Joel Brobecker <>

   > How about ths instead?
   > #ifndef ARCH_GET_FS
   > #define ARCH_SET_GS 0x1001
   > #define ARCH_SET_FS 0x1002
   > #define ARCH_GET_FS 0x1003
   > #define ARCH_GET_GS 0x1004
   > #endif

That's better, since it's dangerous to include kernel headers

   Yes, that should work too. I'm curious as to why these macros are not
   defined for me, or said differently how it is that they are defined for
   others (assuming others can build this code on amd64-linux unmodified).

It all depends on the combination of installed kernel headers and
glibc headers whether it'll work or not.  There are broken
combinations out there, even on i386.  It's inherent to the way
GNU/Linux is developped since there is no real attempt to keep kernel
and libc in sync.  Learn to live with or <plug> switch to a free
operating system with decent release management </plug>.



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