RFC: The Constructor Breakpoint Issue

David Lecomber david@streamline-computing.com
Wed Oct 20 13:12:00 GMT 2004

Hi Dan
> You can't tell from the line table.  You can tell if you have both a
> line table and a .debug_info section; in the case that is interesting
> to you, the two PCs will be in different DW_TAG_subprogram trees.
> Given the order in which we parse things I'm not sure if you'll be able
> to check that easily.

How about this idea.. Getting into the dwarf2 area looks like quite a
major set of mods, which ultimately will be supported only by the
dwarves, which is not good.  However, inspection of the result of
find_pc_function() suggests it is different on the occasions when it
needs to be, such as in C++ constructors, and the same when we want it
to be - such as the start and end of for loops.



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