GDB 6.3 branch available

Andrew Cagney
Tue Oct 19 18:30:00 GMT 2004


The gdb_6_3-branch has been created and is now available for testing and 
late breaking fixes.  The branch commit policy is:

@itemize @bullet
The @file{gdb/MAINTAINERS} file still holds.
Don't fix something on the branch unless/until it is also fixed in the
trunk.  If this isn't possible, mentioning it in the @file{gdb/PROBLEMS}
file is better than committing a hack.
When considering a patch for the branch, suggested criteria include:
Does it fix a build?  Does it fix the sequence @kbd{break main; run}
when debugging a static binary?
The further a change is from the core of @value{GDBN}, the less likely
the change will worry anyone (e.g., target specific code).
Only post a proposal to change the core of @value{GDBN} after you've
sent individual bribes to all the people listed in the
@file{MAINTAINERS} file @t{;-)}
@end itemize

@emph{Pragmatics: Provided updates are restricted to non-core
functionality there is little chance that a broken change will be fatal.
This means that changes such as adding a new architectures or (within
reason) support for a new host are considered acceptable.}


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