PATCH: Step down from maintainerships

Jim Blandy
Sun Oct 17 19:59:00 GMT 2004

Elena Zannoni <> writes:
> Jim Blandy writes:
>  > 
>  > There are a few outstanding patches that I had hoped to take care of
>  > before stepping down, but then this last week some more came in, and I
>  > realized I'd probably never get caught up.  
> Jim, send a list of pointers (with URLs) to the patches and I'll take
> care of them.

Okay, great.  Here are the ones that I know about:

- Demangling language needs to be stored in demangled name cache,
  along with demangled name:

  The patch proposed there would undo prior optimizations, which I
  explain here:

  (That message is not part of the same thread, since it's in a
  different month, so don't miss it.)

- Intel Fortran 90 emits debugging information for nested subroutines
  that produces a malformed block tree:

  The thread resumes here:

- GDB's stabs reader tweaks line number information, in a way that's
  not appropriate for non-GCC stabs.  Mark Kettenis posted a patch,
  and I suggested a revision; I think that's where it stands.

- Corinna Vinschen proposed a new gdbarch method to let arch-specific
  code interpret Dwarf 2 DW_AT_calling_convention attributes:

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