testsuite fixes for bleeding edge gcc

Zack Weinberg zack@codesourcery.com
Thu Oct 14 16:59:00 GMT 2004

Michael Chastain <mec.gnu@mindspring.com> writes:

>> The appended patch adds all the missing declarations to the 6.2-branch
>> version of the testsuite.  I haven't tried mainline.  Thoughts?
> Except for gdb.mi/gdb701, these are all fixed in gdb HEAD.
> Also fixed in gdb HEAD are gdb.thread/*.exp, plus two tests
> that check the gcc version number that needed 'gcc-4-*'.
> gdb_6_2-branch is dead.  Andrew is going to create gdb_6_3-branch
> in a few more days or so.
> If you really do have a need for it, I could merge the whole test suite
> from HEAD to gdb_6_2-branch.  I stopped testing gdb_6_2-branch just
> recently, but before I stopped, I was regularly testing gdb from the
> branch with the test suite from gdb HEAD.

I was only testing gdb_6_2-branch because I wanted to avoid
hypothetical breakage in gdb HEAD which would confuse the issue of
whether my GCC changes worked.  If y'all are about to branch for a 6.3
release, perhaps I do not need to be doing that right now.  Would be
nice to get gdb.mi/gdb701 fixed in HEAD though.


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