[rfa] Dwarf2 testsuite

Michael Chastain mec.gnu@mindspring.com
Mon Oct 11 03:50:00 GMT 2004

Okay, it works fine in my test bed with:

  gdb 6.2.1 and gdb HEAD
  gcc 2, gcc 3, gcc 4pre
  dwarf-2 and stabs+ (not that it makes any difference)
  -feliminate-dwarf2-dups or not (ditto)

drow> I'd prefer to leave the comments now that I've written them, for two
drow> reasons:
drow>  (A) !#(*& it, I spent a lot of effort on those comments!
drow>  (B) they make it easier to make a copy with only an incremental change

Okay with me.

Two nits:

  The copyright notice to Makefile.in.  Grab from gdb.fortran/Makefile.in
  if you like.  (And yeah, the copyright notice in main.c makes me laugh
  at my own stubbornness).

  Is file2.txt used at all?  I could not find a reference to it.

With those things fixed ... approved.


2004-10-08  Daniel Jacobowitz  <dan@debian.org>

	* configure.in: Add gdb.dwarf2.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Makefile.in: Add gdb.dwarf2.
	* gdb.dwarf2/Makefile.in, gdb.dwarf2/dw2-basic.S,
	gdb.dwarf2/dw2-basic.exp, gdb.dwarf2/main.c, gdb.dwarf2/file1.txt,
	gdb.dwarf2/file2.txt: New files.

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