[RFA]: Remove warnings from ada-exp.tab.c compilation

Paul Hilfinger hilfingr@gnat.com
Wed Oct 6 09:47:00 GMT 2004

> I'd write this as:
> 	/* FIXME: hilfingr/2004-10-05: Hack to remove warning.  ...
> so that who added the note and when are clear.  If you're curious grep 
> for this pattern in the sources and quickly discover how old some of 
> those tempoary hacks are :-)

Thanks for the suggestion.

> _otherwize_ ok,

Is that a Canadian spelling (:->)?

> PS:
> +      tempbuf = (char *) realloc (tempbuf, tempbufsize);
> the cast is redundant - realloc returns (void *).

Yeah, well, call it a personal quirk, call it an act of rebellion.
But when I see an ISO standard that tells me I don't need this conversion
by saying that

   "A pointer to void shall have the same representation and 
    alignment requirements as a pointer to a character type."

and then tells me IN A FOOTNOTE that 

   "The same representation and alignment requirements are meant to
    imply interchangeability as arguments to functions, return values
    from functions, and members of unions."

the horror I feel at this shameless confusion of abstraction layers is such
that I feel compelled to ignore the passages altogether (:->).

Paul Hilfinger

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