[RFA/m32r] Fix m32r frame analyzer

Kei Sakamoto sakamoto.kei@renesas.com
Tue Oct 5 10:13:00 GMT 2004


The attached patch revises m32r frame analyzer. The current
analyzer works fine with functions written in C. But it sometimes
can't handle functions written in assembly languages correctly.
It also can't recognize trap instructions as the end of prologue.

# System call handlers of Linux/M32R are written in assembly
# languages and use trap instructions.

The attached fixes these problems.

OK to commit?

2004-10-05    Kei Sakamoto  <sakamoto.kei@renesas.com>

    * m32r-tdep.c (decode_prologue): Support functions written
    in assembly languages. Recognize trap instructions as the
    end of prologue.
    (m32r_frame_unwind_cache): Ditto.
    (m32r_skip_prologue): Extend search limit. Quit analyzing
    prologue if pc's location is not readable.
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