[RFA] testsuite/gdb.arch/i386-prologue.c: Fix compiling on Cygwin

Michael Elizabeth Chastain mec.gnu@mindspring.com
Tue Jun 29 17:25:00 GMT 2004

cv> I've created a simpler patch using the SYMBOL(sym) suggestion you
cv> mentioned in your other response.  Is the below patch ok?

Yeah, this is good.   This is approved, if you've tested it and you
say what platform you tested it on (presumably Cygwin).

Michael C

	* gdb.arch/i386-prologue.c: Use preprocessor directives to
	conditionalize symbol prefixing.
	* gdb.arch/i386-prologue.exp: Allow symbol prefixing by adding
	additional_flags handling.  Add underscore prefix for Cygwin.

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