[PATCH]: Further updates to ada-* files

Andrew Cagney cagney@gnu.org
Mon Jun 28 14:47:00 GMT 2004

> Andrew,
>>> Lets start with the obvious, can you fix the ARI problems (Run 
>>> 'gdb_ari.sh -Wari' from http://sources.redhat.com/gdb/ari/)?
> OK
>>> Looking over the code, ada-tasks.c is going to be a problem.  Can we 
>>> ignore that for now (removing it?) and just focus on getting basic 
>>> language support enabled?  Once that's done, we can start working 
>>> through the underlying issues that prompted ACT to add ada-tasks.c.
> Right.  I disabled it (i.e., it's not compiled) in the latest version
> of the patch I sent, and do not expect it to be reviewed.  We've
> decided that now is as good a time as any to do a much-needed major
> revision of ada-tasks.c; I'm not sure right now if I want to remove
> the source entirely from the repository.  Depends on how major a
> change I need.

Lets remove it.  The question is how big a thread model change GDB is 
going to get (and regardless of Ada's task model) and how much having 
that dead code would confuse things.

> The "underlying issues" are that Ada has tasks and they are (in general)
> built on top of, but in principle distinct from threads.  As for why to 
> put it in a separate file---well it's messy, due to the fact that 
> tasks map onto threads differently on every single confounded platform, 
> it seems.  

It's messy because the underlying thread model is bug---d.

>>> Did that previous ChangeLog problem get fixed?
> Not yet, but I haven't forgotten it.  It must go in, but I fear it will be
> of no help for the current task.


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