STEP_SKIPS_DELAY question, sort of

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jun 24 18:25:00 GMT 2004

> Orjan Friberg wrote:
>> Andrew Cagney wrote:
>>> I also think this needs a new macro name that better reflects what the test is doing.  But I've no good ideas :-/ (SINGLE_STEP_THROUGH_DELAY (pc)?)
> I'm facing a slightly different situation than the MIPS case when implementing SINGLE_STEP_THROUGH_DELAY, because the size of the instruction that the delay slot belongs to may be 2, 4, or 6 bytes.  (For MIPS, it seems the size of that instruction is always 4 bytes.)
> So, I have to find out the size of the preceding instruction (since I want to do the single-step thingy when we're stopped in the delay slot), but I can't find anything in the opcodes directory that would let me do that.
> The thing is, this information (whether I'm in a delay slot, and the address of the instruction the delay slot belongs to) is available in a register.  Besides the fact that this triggers sending a 'g' packet to the remote target, is it wrong to deduce this information from the registers content rather than reading from the program's text segment?
> Basically, my implementation would look like this:
> int
> cris_single_step_through_delay (CORE_ADDR pc)
> {
>   ULONGEST erp;
>   int ret = 0;
>   regcache_cooked_read_unsigned (current_regcache, ERP_REGNUM, &erp);
>   if (erp & 0x1)
>     /* In delay slot - check if there's a breakpoint at the preceding
>        instruction.  */
>     if (breakpoint_here_p (erp & ~0x1))
>       ret = 1;
>   return ret;
> } 

Ah! (sorry for the delay).  Sounds like a "struct frame_info 
*this_frame" is the parameter you need then.  This will let it work for 
any frame (especially a frame interrupted by a signal handler).


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