Small problem with Remote Protocol register fetching.

Steven Johnson
Tue Jun 15 08:21:00 GMT 2004

Registers in the remote protocol are Hex Encoded.  Hex encoded values 
can have (as far as I can tell, valid values of '0'-'9','a'-'f','A'-'F' 
and ('x' for registers). the problem is that register packets that have 
an upper case 'A'-'F' in the first location are junked as being bad 
packets, when their is nothing wrong.  And then GDB ends up in an 
infinite comms loop, trying to recover.

The attached patch allows Hex Encoded values to include upper case 
letters (in the case of fetching registers) without causing the packet 
handling to fail.

I wasnt sure if 'X' should also be allowable, seems like it should, but 
i dont know for sure, so havent changed it.

Steven Johnson

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