Daniel Jacobowitz drow@false.org
Wed Jun 9 18:42:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 02:18:11PM -0400, Bob Rossi wrote:
> Ok, I had to make one small change to dwarf2read.c, it was
>    pst->dirname = xstrdup (comp_unit_die.dirname);
> it now is
>    if (comp_unit_die.dirname)
>      pst->dirname = xstrdup (comp_unit_die.dirname);
> This fixed a crash in the testsuite.

This sounds OK.

> Also, I changed both mi-file.exp and mi2-file.exp from
>    global srcfile
>    global srcdir
>    global subdir
>    set srcfilepath [string_to_regexp ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${srcfile}]
>    "111\\\^done,line=\"23\",file=\"${srcfilepath}\",fullname=...
> to
>    "111\\\^done,line=\"23\",file=\".*/${srcfile}\",fullname=...
> This had nothing to do with this patch. The testcase was failing with a
> clean checkout and run of the testsuite.

This is not.  The reason it's failing for you is probably that you
configured in the source directory or using a relative path, right?  Is
it still needed if you configure using an absolute path
(mkdir objdir; cd objdir; /path/to/configure && make && make check) ?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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