Revised: [patch] general updates and improvements to QNX NTO support

Mark Kettenis
Thu Dec 9 22:31:00 GMT 2004

   Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 09:05:05 -0500
   From: Kris Warkentin <>

   Mark Kettenis wrote:

   >   Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:30:46 -0500
   >   From: Kris Warkentin <>
   >   Based on Mark's comments, I've refactored this patch to provide a 
   >   cleaner interface to nto_tdep.c.  I created an nto_set_target function 
   >   so that the targets can initialize their own nto_target_ops and set the 
   >   target properly rather than initializing current_nto_target.
   >Thanks.  That looks good!  I still think you should avoid the
   >   #define nto_xxx_yyy (current_nto_target.xxx_yyy)
   >defines.  They're hiding the fact that you're using a global variable.
   >Consider a patch that uses current_nto_target.xxx_yyy directly
   >pre-approved.  I've got one additional nit, please see below.
   Question.  I use the nto_xxx_yyy functions _everywhere_ in our code.  
   Would it be acceptable if I changed the define to be like target.h as in:

   #define nto_xxx_yyy(args) (*current_nto_target.xxx_yyy) (args)

   Then the only time I would do the full current_nto_target.xxx_yyy is in 
   cases like below where it needs to be obvious that I'm testing or 
   setting a global variable.  Its just that there are so many instances of 
   these macros in our target support that the syntactic sugar is very 
   attractive for code readability.

Bugger.  I let that patch fool me again.  Thought the defines were
new, but of course they're not.  Forget what I said about them and
check your patch in as is.  That is...

   >   +enum gdb_osabi
   >   +nto_elf_osabi_sniffer (bfd *abfd)
   >   +{
   >   +  if (nto_is_nto_target)
   >   +    {
   >   +      return nto_is_nto_target (abfd);
   >   +    }
   >   +  return GDB_OSABI_UNKNOWN;
   >   +}
   >   +
   >Could you remove the redundant braces here?  With that change, this is
   No problem.  Thanks.

with that change please.



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