Revised: [patch] general updates and improvements to QNX NTO support

Kris Warkentin
Mon Dec 6 16:53:00 GMT 2004

Based on Mark's comments, I've refactored this patch to provide a 
cleaner interface to nto_tdep.c.  I created an nto_set_target function 
so that the targets can initialize their own nto_target_ops and set the 
target properly rather than initializing current_nto_target.

I thought about completely hiding the implementation by turning all the 
macros into functions which just call the current target functions but 
I'm not sure if it's worth it.  Specifically I'm thinking about cases 
where other modules need access to members of current_nto_target.  For 
instance, the remote and procfs modules need to set various flags and 
hooks so if I were to hide current_nto_target, I'd need setter/getter 
functions.  Certainly that is the cleaner 'OO' approach.  If it needs 
changing later, I might also store a list of targets in nto-tdep.c.  It 
doesn't seem like a high priority right now though since we probably 
won't be multi-arching our gdb any time soon.



2004-12-06  Kris Warkentin  <>

    * nto-tdep.h: Include osabi.h.  Prototypes for generic Neutrino
    osabi sniffer, signal handling initializer, 'in_dynsym_resolve_code'
    function and nto_set_target function.
    (struct nto_target_ops): Put comments inline with struct.  Add osabi
    sniffer hook.  Redefine macros to permit testing/assignment.  Remove
    nto_ prefix from members.
    * nto-tdep.c (nto_find_and_open_solib): Allocate all buffers
    dynamically to support arbitrary root paths.  Check for basename of
    lib in search path and then check for absolute.
    (nto_in_dynsym_resolve_code): New function.
    (nto_core_sniffer): New function.
    (regset_core_fns): Register core sniffer.
    (nto_initialize_signals): New function.
    (_initialize_nto_tdep): Move signal initialization code to above to
    avoid initialization race conditions.
    (nto_set_target): New function.
    * nto-procfs.c: Minor formatting/indenting changes.
    (procfs_is_nto_target): New function.
    (procfs_open): Set nto_is_nto_target.
    (_initialize_procfs): Ditto.  Remove notice_signals() call to avoid
    initialization race conditions.
    (procfs_create_inferior): Resume inferior after creation.
    * i386-nto-tdep.c: Declare i386_nto_target.
    (init_i386nto_ops): Initialize i386_nto_target instead of
    (i386nto_init_abi): Initialize signals.  Call nto_set_target.  Set
    (_initialize_i386nto_tdep): Call init_i386nto_ops.  Register osabi 

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