[PATCH] Support mmap2 , *32 syscalls for m32r-linux-sim.

Kazuhiro Inaoka inaoka.kazuhiro@renesas.com
Mon Dec 6 03:19:00 GMT 2004

Hi Andrew,
Hi Kei,

Our provided glibc uses a mmap2 system call
and our linux-kernel uses system calls for 32bit uids.

But the dummy system call routine of m32r-linux-sim have not
supported that.

This patch fixes these problems.

Please commit it.


Kazuhiro Inaoka


2004-12-06  Kazuhiro Inaoka <inaoka.kazuhiro@renesas.com>

	* traps-linux.c (m32r_trap): Added dymmy systemcall's entries of
	__NR_mmap2, __NR_lchown32, __NR_getuid32, __NR_getgid32,
	__NR_geteuid32,	__NR_getegid32, __NR_getgroups32, __NR_fchown32,
	__NR_setfsuid32, __NR_setfsgid32, __NR_getresuid32,
	__NR_getresgid32 and __NR_chown32.
	* syscall.h: Added new definitions of system call number.
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