[RFA] mips-o64-extract-return-value

Michael Snyder msnyder@redhat.com
Fri Nov 21 01:04:00 GMT 2003

Andrew Cagney wrote:
>> Andrew Cagney wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> This change fixes 100s of FAILs for mips64-elf, 'cause gdb can't
>> find the function's return value.  It follows some work that you
>> were apparently doing w.r.t. the mips internal register representation.
>> I suspect that the same thing needs to be done for mips_eabi_extract...,
>> but I haven't tested that.  What do you think?
>> Ok.
>> I'll probably try doing something similar for store_return_value too.
>> Rather than doing the same thing for store_return_value, take a look 
>> at the PPC's "ppc_sysv_abi_return_value".
>> Grep grep...  ah, you mean ppc_sysv_abi_STORE_return_value.
>> Shall I fix your change log entries for you?    ;-)
> no?
> $ grep ppc_sysv_abi_store_return_value ChangeLog
>         (ppc_sysv_abi_store_return_value): Delete function.
>         (ppc_sysv_abi_store_return_value): Delete.
>         * ppc-tdep.h: (ppc_sysv_abi_store_return_value): Declare.
>         (ppc_sysv_abi_store_return_value): New function.

Right -- I meant *these* changelog entries:

[msnyder@reddwarf gdb]$ grep sysv_abi_return_value ChangeLog
	* ppc-tdep.h (ppc_sysv_abi_return_value): Ditto.
	(ppc64_sysv_abi_return_value): Ditto.
	(ppc_sysv_abi_return_value): Ditto.
	(ppc64_sysv_abi_return_value): Ditto.
	* ppc-sysv-tdep.c (ppc_sysv_abi_return_value): New function.
	* ppc-tdep.h (ppc64_sysv_abi_return_value): Declare.
	(ppc_sysv_abi_return_value): Declare.
	(ppc64_sysv_abi_return_value): New function.

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