RFA: ia64 portion of libunwind patch updated

J. Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Mon Nov 17 21:40:00 GMT 2003

Patch checked in.  Thanks.

-- Jeff J.

Kevin Buettner wrote:
> On Nov 6, 12:21pm, J. Johnston wrote:
>>The attached patch is the updated ia64 libunwind patch addressing a number of 
>>comments.  The bfd stuff has been replaced with a simple target memory read. 
>>The syscall stuff has been replaced with a call to target_read_partial() which 
>>has been implemented in another patch.  I have added a few comments per Elena's 
>>Ok to commit?
>>2003-11-06  Jeff Johnston  <jjohnstn@redhat.com>
>>             David Mosberger  <davidm@hpl.hp.com>
>>     * ia64-tdep.c: Include elf.h.
>>     [HAVE_LIBUNWIND_IA64_H]: Include libunwind-frame.h and libunwind-ia64.h.
>>     (ia64_rse_slot_num, ia64_rse_skip_regs): New for libunwind support.
>>     (ia64_gdb2uw_regnum, ia64_uw2gdb_regnum): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_is_fpreg, ia64_access_reg): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_access_fpreg, ia64_access_mem): Ditto.
>>     (get_kernel_table): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_find_unwind_table): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_find_proc_info_x, ia64_put_unwind_info): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_get_dyn_info_list, ia64_libunwind_frame_this_id): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_libunwind_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_libunwind_frame_sniffer): Ditto.
>>     (ia64_gdbarch_init)[HAVE_LIBUNWIND_IA64_H]: Add libunwind frame
>>     sniffer.  Register libunwind functions needed by generic libunwind frame
>>     code using libunwind_frame_set_descr().
> Okay.
> Kevin

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