Building cross-gdb to arm-netbsd

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Nov 14 20:13:00 GMT 2003

Mark Kettenis <> writes:

>    In any case, this patch fixes the build problem.
>    2003-11-14  Ian Lance Taylor  <>
> 	   * config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Define.
> 	   * config/arm/tm-nbsd.h: New file.
> Your config/arm/tm-nbsd.h also includes "arm/tm-arm.h".  Is that
> necessary?

To be honest, I don't know.  I did it by analogy with i386/tm-nbsd.h.

I suppose, looking at it more closely, then the definition of
VARIABLES_INSIDE_BLOCK is not needed, since the system compiler is
always gcc.  So the only thing which arm/tm-arm.h does is define
GDB_MULTI_ARCH.  Looking at defs.h, that may also be unnecessary.

So I guess it is not needed.  gdb does build without that #include.


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