Building cross-gdb to arm-netbsd

Mark Kettenis
Fri Nov 14 18:58:00 GMT 2003

   Date: 14 Nov 2003 12:25:52 -0500
   From: Ian Lance Taylor <>

   I don't know how the solib.h thing is supposed to be handled in the
   multi-arch regime.  Presumably it is wrong for breakpoint.c to only
   define functions based on SOLIB_ADD.

I guess none of us really do.  However, the current situation for
arm-netbsd is clearly wrong.

   In any case, this patch fixes the build problem.

   2003-11-14  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	   * config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Define.
	   * config/arm/tm-nbsd.h: New file.

Your config/arm/tm-nbsd.h also includes "arm/tm-arm.h".  Is that


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