[rfa:ppc64gnulinux] Call ".malloc"

Kevin Buettner kevinb@redhat.com
Fri Nov 14 01:13:00 GMT 2003

On Nov 13,  7:56pm, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> When only minimal symbol information is available, the symbol "malloc", 
> which is found in a data section because it's a descriptor, gets turns 
> into a 32-bit int variable.  Consequently, an attempt to call "malloc" 
> is turned into to jump to the code designated by that 32-bit integer 
> value found at malloc.
> This patch avoids that problem entirely by specifying that on PPC64 
> GNU/Linux, the "malloc" function has the name ".malloc" (which is really 
> the function's start address).
> ok?

Sounds good to me.


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