[RFA] new test for separate debug info

Elena Zannoni ezannoni@redhat.com
Thu Nov 13 23:15:00 GMT 2003

3rd reply to the same mail...:-)

ok, How about this behavior?

Running /to/scratch/ezannoni/pristine/src/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/sepdebug.exp ...
ERROR: couldn't load /to/scratch/ezannoni/pristine/tomago/gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/sepdebug.dbglnk into /to/scratch/ezannoni/pristine/tomago/gdb/testsuite/../../gdb/gdb.
                === gdb Summary ===
# of unresolved testcases       1
/to/scratch/ezannoni/pristine/tomago/gdb/testsuite/../../gdb/gdb version  2003-11-07-cvs -nx

I added a wrapper around the gdb_load call:

if [gdb_load ${binfile}] {
    unsupported "Gdb cannot process a separate debug info file"
    return -1

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