[RFA] new test for separate debug info

Elena Zannoni ezannoni@redhat.com
Thu Nov 13 20:08:00 GMT 2003

Michael Elizabeth Chastain writes:

 > It looks like either binutils or gdb needs some work.

% objdump -g sepdebug.debug
sepdebug.debug:     file format elf32-i386
sepdebug.debug: .stab: stab entry 0 is corrupt, strx = 0x464c457f, type = 1
sepdebug.debug: .stab: stab entry 2 is corrupt, strx = 0x8048354, type = 52
sepdebug.debug: .stab: stab entry 4 is corrupt, strx = 0x30006, type = 128
debug_name_type: no current file
Last stabs entries before error:
n_type n_desc n_value  string
2      3      00000001
NOMAP  32     00280000
LSYM   0      00000000 char:t(0,2)=r(0,2);0;127;

seems like binutils has some problems too.  Gdb errors out if the test
section is missing, I thought of changing this into a warning, but
then ran into this.

 > If you could kludge the test to handle "Can't find any code sections
 > in symbol file" then I would be happy with the test script as a test
 > script.

I'll definitely do this, then, and add a comment.


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