[patch] mips-tdep.c: delete msymbol_size

Michael Elizabeth Chastain mec.gnu@mindspring.com
Tue Nov 11 21:05:00 GMT 2003

Whoops, I left a loose edge in my last patch.

mips-tdep.c has a function msymbol_size which returns the size
of the symbol by extracting it from MSYMBOL_INFO.  Well, that
information is no longer in MSYMBOL_INFO!

Fortunately this msymbol_size is not actually called anywhere
so I'm just going to kill it instead of doing the trivial rewrite
Call the MSYMBOL_SIZE macro if you want this information
(and it's available only on elf, which is how it's always worked).

I also grepped all the other remaining uses of MSYMBOL_INFO
for similar problems.

I am committing this as an obvious fix.

Testing: I built a mips gdb, but didn't run the test suite.

2003-11-11  Michael Chastain  <mec.gnu@mindspring.com>

	* mips-tdep.c (msymbol_size): Delete.

Index: mips-tdep.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/mips-tdep.c,v
retrieving revision 1.244
diff -u -r1.244 mips-tdep.c
--- mips-tdep.c	11 Nov 2003 20:04:52 -0000	1.244
+++ mips-tdep.c	11 Nov 2003 20:39:05 -0000
@@ -251,12 +251,6 @@
   return (((long) MSYMBOL_INFO (msym) & 0x80000000) != 0);
-static long
-msymbol_size (struct minimal_symbol *msym)
-  return ((long) MSYMBOL_INFO (msym) & 0x7fffffff);
 /* XFER a value from the big/little/left end of the register.
    Depending on the size of the value it might occupy the entire
    register or just part of it.  Make an allowance for this, aligning

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