Interactions of symbol-lookup with language

Elena Zannoni
Tue Nov 11 01:23:00 GMT 2003

Paul N. Hilfinger writes:
 > David,
 > The symbol-lookup facilities are now organized to adapt themselves to
 > the current language.  We've encountered some problems with this.  
 > In particular, in decode_line_1, there is a call to find_imps, an
 > Objective C function, which in turn calls lookup_symbol.  When
 > decode_line_1 is called while in Ada mode, this latter lookup_symbol
 > acts like an Ada symbol lookup, which makes little sense given that
 > find_imps is concerned with Objective C code.  We have encountered
 > cases where the result is anomalous.  
 > Our fix for the moment is simply to put a wrapper around decode_objc
 > to force the language to objc temporarily.  We are a little
 > uncomfortable with submitting this kind of kludge publicly, and
 > would prefer something officially blessed.  One possibility is to have
 > a variant of lookup_symbol that allows one to specify a prevailing
 > language for those cases where it matters.  We have at least one other
 > place where we'd like to "look up a symbol as in C".  
 > In any case, we'd welcome your (and other maintainers') comments.
 > Paul Hilfinger
 > ACT, Inc.

Hmmm, this is the same bit of code which was creating problems with
breakpoints in objc. (see Adam's post of a week or so ago). It seems
like a new interface is needed. We have stretched the current one(s)
to its limits.  I'll have to think a bit about this. 


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