[wip] "info auxv"

Andrew Cagney ac131313@redhat.com
Mon Nov 10 23:16:00 GMT 2003

This work-in-progress is more questions than answers.

- Common code in "procfs.c" (tested) and "inftarg.c"
It makes me wonder if the native inferior code should be re-arranged 
(has this come up before?).

- The new files "auxv.[hc]" for parsing the file.
Perhaphs it belongs in "procfs.c" but that gets me back to the first 
question - could the native inferior code be better structured?


(gdb) info auxv
2008 ???                            0xffbeff88
2014 ???                            0xffbeff96
3  Program headers for program    0x10034
4  Size of program header entry   0x20
5  Number of program headers      0x5
9  Entry point of program         0x10510
7  Base address of interpreter    0xff3c0000
8  Flags                          0x300
6  System page size               0x2000
2000 ???                            0x9f4
2001 ???                            0x9f4
2002 ???                            0x9f9
2003 ???                            0x9f9
2009 ???                            0x7
0  End of vector                  0x0
0  End of vector                  0x0
0  End of vector                  0x0
0  End of vector                  0x0
0  End of vector                  0x0
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