[RFC/WIP] unit test for separate debug info

Michael Elizabeth Chastain mec@shout.net
Sat Nov 8 01:28:00 GMT 2003

I gave it some proof-reading but did not try running it yet.

The idea looks okay to me.

For documentation, it would help to just have a list of files at the top:

  gdb.base/break            original executable
  gdb.base/break.stripped   stripped executable
  gdb.base/break.sym        debug symbols
  gdb.base/break.debuglink  output of --add-gnu-debuglink

(Hmmm, my list of files does not have any .debug directory!)

Human beings are good at reading examples and extrapolating
from them, and not as good at handling explicit meta-variables.

I would really like break.debuglink to be a separate file from the
original file.  If somebody is debugging this process, it's much better
to have each file be unique.

In gdb_gnu_strip_debug, what are the final values of "strip_to_file_program"
and "objcopy_program" going to be?  I am hoping that they will just be

  set strip_to_file_program strip
  set objcopy_program       objcopy

Well, actually that works only for natives, crosses need more work.

I would say, leave the elfutils case out for now.

Michael C

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