RFA: ia64 portion of libunwind patch

David Mosberger davidm@napali.hpl.hp.com
Fri Nov 7 22:43:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 16:46:59 -0500, Andrew Cagney <ac131313@redhat.com> said:

  Andrew> Would it be possible to define the interface so that, when
  Andrew> dip-> u.ti.table_data is NULL, the code just fetches values
  Andrew> from memory using the memory callbacks?  i.e., don't require
  Andrew> GDB to fetch the entire table but instead fetch the bits
  Andrew> that are needed.

Well, it's software, so anything is _possible_, but I'd rather not do
that, because it creates artificial differences between the
(speed-critical) local unwind case and the remote unwind case.
Furthermore, the unwind table is of a known size, relatively small,
and accessed fairly randomly (via binary search), so it is normally
preferable to read the table all at once and I'd rather design the API
for this common case.


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