[RFA] FR-V SIM: Check availability of GR and FR regs

Kevin Buettner kevinb@redhat.com
Fri Nov 7 17:49:00 GMT 2003

On Nov 7, 12:30pm, Dave Brolley wrote:

> I'm not sure if it's ok to include gdb/sim-frv.h from within the 
> simulator code. I thought the interface went the other way around (i.e. 
> gdb includes sim/frv-sim.h).

Keep in mind that gdb/sim-frv.h is actually include/gdb/sim-frv.h. 
This file contains only those register numbers which are needed for
sim <-> gdb interactions.  The file sim/frv-sim.h contains quite a lot
more.  I'd be more than a little nervous including it in gdb's

Before embarking on this course, I did check for precedents.  Here's
what I found:

    sim/sh64/sh64.c[34]: #include "gdb/sim-sh.h"
    sim/sh/interp.c[32]: #include "gdb/sim-sh.h"
    sim/h8sx/compile.c[33]: #include "gdb/sim-h8300.h"
    sim/h8300/compile.c[33]: #include "gdb/sim-h8300.h"
    sim/d10v/interp.c[8]: #include "gdb/sim-d10v.h"
    sim/arm/wrapper.c[39]: #include "gdb/sim-arm.h"

> Other than that, it looks ok to me.

I'll wait until we've resolved the above to commit it.


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