[patch/rfc] Add child_to_xfer_partial; Was: ia64 portion of libunwind patch

Andrew Cagney ac131313@redhat.com
Thu Nov 6 22:32:00 GMT 2003


This adds a child_xfer_partial method to "inftarg.c".  I've included a 
hook vis:

> +#if 0
> (-1)
> +#endif
> +      return NATIVE_XFER_UNWIND_TABLE (ops, object, annex, writebuf,
> +                                      readbuf, offset, len);
> +#endif

so that, in theory, all you need do is define that in the linux specific 
nm-*.h file.

I think this will make plugging in additional xfer methods easier.  How 
does it look?

Anyone else?

PS: You'll notice that it also contains lurking code to add support for 
an auxv transfer.

PPS: Note that I need to better test it.
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