[patch/rfc] Rewrite "structs" testcase

Michael Elizabeth Chastain mec@shout.net
Thu Nov 6 17:33:00 GMT 2003

I'm concerned about the use of "long long" in a test program.
What if someone uses a non-gcc Ansi C compiler?
But this doesn't look any worse than other tests, so okay.

In structs.exp, line 22:

  # This file was written by Jeff Law. (law@cygnus.com)

Add something like:

  # And rewritten by Andrew Cagney  (cagney@redhat.com)

I got a lot of FAILS with the new tests.
native i686-pc-linux-gnu, gdb HEAD, binutils 2.14.

                        PASS  FAIL
  gcc 2.95.3 -gdwarf-2  1086   138
  gcc 2.95.3 -gstabs+   1122   102
  gcc 3.3.2  -gdwarf-2  1122   102
  gcc 3.3.2  -gstabs+   1122   102

I have put up a tarball:


There are a lot of duplicate test names too.  It would be good
to uniquify them.

Not proofread yet because of so many FAIL results.

Michael C

2003-11-05  Andrew Cagney  <cagney@redhat.com>

	* gdb.base/structs.exp: Update copyright.  Rewrite.
	* gdb.base/structs.c: Update copyright.  Rewrite.

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