RFA: give store.exp tests unique names

Jim Blandy jimb@redhat.com
Thu Nov 6 07:38:00 GMT 2003

Michael Elizabeth Chastain <mec@shout.net> writes:
> When my Crunch.pl sees a duplicate, it just renames the duplicate
> to "gdb.foo/bar {2}", and then "gdb.foo/bar {3}", and so on.
> Crunch.pl prints a count of duplicates on stdout but I don't
> even pay attention to that any more.
> Most of the duplicates are in tests that always PASS so it's
> low priority to get them cleaned up.  Did this one in store.exp
> cause an actual problem?  If it did, I'm all for stomping on it.

Yes, I've got a target where some of the tests are failing, and we
have an internal regression-tracking system that gets upset when the
names aren't unique.

> No comments on your specific patch, I'm too tired.

Well, fine.  I won't comment on your lack of comments on my patch ---
because *I'm* too tired.


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