Mr John patrick
Sun Nov 2 04:13:00 GMT 2003


This is very urgent and important. I need your help and I am ready to
reward you for your kindness if you care. This letter was posted in
London to avoid interception. Please, take it seriously and keep it to

I am the wife of Nicola Sainovic, one of the Yugoslavians indicted at
the Hague War Crimes Tribunal. The indictment was politically
motivated in connection with the package provided for Yugoslavia by
the Western World.

Slobodan and my husband had kept funds in US dollars to cater for
rebel problems. As you may know, the country they had fought to
protect has turned against them and it has become extremely
necessary to take this fund out for safe custody without delay. Can
you work with me?

The funds are well over US$42,500,000.00-. They can be shipped
out of the country under Diplomatic Immunity. They have to be paid
into Off-Shore accounts and they are not in Yugoslavia. Can you help
and are you capable of handling these funds? Are you trust-worthy and
can you keep a secret? I have been asked to offer you 20% of what
you receive. Will that be okay?

Please, do not give out my personal details. For now you may contact
me by  e-mail:

Please try to disregard this letter if you are not interested in this offer.
Let me call you or use e-mail for communication.

Thank you for your time.

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