[rfa:symtab] deprecate inside_entry_func

Andrew Cagney cagney@gnu.org
Sat Nov 1 02:27:00 GMT 2003

> Kevin, you previously wrote:
>> >> I'd like to avoid re-introducing a dependency on inside_entry_func() as 
>> >> that places garish requirements on the object file readers :-(
>> > 
>> > I agree that object file readers should not attempt to track of
>> > the bounds of the start function.  However, given an arbitrary
>> > address, it's not unreasonable to ask the symtab machinery to attempt
>> > to figure out the function bounds.  And, in fact, this is just what
>> > find_pc_partial_function() does.
> Yes, the reason I wrote this was to note that there are other ways of
> implementing inside_entry_func() which wouldn't place garish
> requirements on the object file readers.

Then I'm puzzled as to why you are objecting to me deprecating this 
existing garish hack?  Remember, I also wrote:

 > +  /* NOTE: cagney/2003-10-31: A very simple test, such as
 > +     get_frame_func == entry_point should be sufficient for
 > +     identifying a pc in the entry function.  Does anyone know why it
 > +     wasn't sufficient and hence, why the very convoluted
 > +     "deprecated_inside_entry_func" is needed.  */


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