[RFA] sh-sim: restructure expand_opcode.

Joern Rennecke amylaar@fairadsl.co.uk
Wed Dec 31 16:09:00 GMT 2003

> Let's come back to this after the holidays.  Speaking of which,
> by the time you reply, I will be gone for the holidays, and not
> return until the new year.  If we have acheived convergence on
> this piece of code, would you mind checking it in?

patch complains about an out-of-sync patch, and I have no time this year to
So I suppose the patch will need to wait for you to come back.  AFAI
understand the copyright provisions, if you want to add a copyright notice
for your patch (gencode.c currently says no copyright / provided by Cygnus),
that whould still be supposed to read 2003, as this is when the code was

Hmmm... I wonder: since sim is considered to be part of gdb, does that mean
that blanket copyright assignments to the fsf covering gdb result(ed) in
any patches to gencode.c, which have been written by people working with
such an assignment in place, to be assigned to the FSF?  If that is the case,
a number of past patches would also need Copyright notices for FSF
We'll probably have to make up a new style (unless one to cover this
situation already exists), something like like: the version up to <date>
was placed by Cygnus into the public domain, while later modifications are
Copyright FSF (list of years).

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