[RFA] Patch to imported readline to allow DJGPP build

Elena Zannoni ezannoni@redhat.com
Mon Dec 29 22:32:00 GMT 2003

Eli Zaretskii writes:
 > The current imported readline is broken for DJGPP.  The following
 > patch is needed to allow GDB to build the DJGPP port.  Okay to commit?
 > Btw, I don't understand what is going on with Readline: I looked at
 > its official home page (to figure out how to submit the patches below
 > to the Readline maintainer) and found there an old version 4.3 of
 > Readline where the DJGPP-specific code is ripped out.  The version
 > that we have in the GDB repository seems a newer one, but it also has
 > the DJGPP-specific code in it.  Can someone please tell me what is the
 > story behind this?  TIA

I remember having exchanged some mail with Chet and you about this,
but I don't remember the outcome. I can't find anything in my old mbox
either.  The readline in our tree includes some patches on top of pure
4.3.  One of the patches is this one, which I kept from the previous

2000-07-10  Eli Zaretskii  <eliz@is.elta.co.il>
        * terminal.c (_rl_get_screen_size) [__DJGPP__]: Determine screen
        size via DJGPP-specific calls.
        (_rl_init_terminal_io) [__MSDOS__]: DJGPP-specific terminal
        (_rl_backspace) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call tputs.
        (ding) [__MSDOS__]: Use DJGPP-specific calls to support visible
        * display.c (_rl_move_vert) [__MSDOS__]: Support cursor movement
        upwards with DJGPP-specific calls.
        (_rl_clear_to_eol) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call tputs.
        (_rl_clear_screen) [__MSDOS__]: Support clear-screen with
        DJGPP-specific calls.
        (insert_some_chars) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call tputs.
        (delete_chars) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call tputs.

Other changes are those listed in ChangeLog.gdb. You can do a diff
with a pristine 4.3 readline. There are some other local changes that
I keep integrating at each import.  I should probably have specified
that in the changelog entry at the time.

the files with local changes are:

You changes are OK. I think you should audit the current diffs,
though, to see if they are all still needed for DJGPP.

On top of that there are some 'official' patches that are advertised
on the readline home page, which I have not merged. 


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