Incorrect DWARF-2 register numbers on PPC64?

David Edelsohn
Thu Dec 18 22:58:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> Andrew Cagney writes:

> Argh!  Someone teach GCC about the PPC64 DWARF register numbering
> please!  Before it is too late!  Now it is using the PPC32 LR register
> number, which just happens to be the PPC64 FPSCR register.

	The 32-bit PowerPC System V ABI defines DWARF Register Number
Mapping that does not appear to be implemented in GCC or GDB.  This issue
probably requires more thought and discussion about whether PPC64 should
be compatible with PPC32 or PPC64 should be compliant with the ABI or both
PPC32 and PPC64 should be compliant with the ABI.


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