[PATCH] New port m32r-linux target.

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Thu Dec 18 17:54:00 GMT 2003

Hi Kazuhiro,

> This patch is ..
> Support PIC and m32r-linux target.

I am sorry, but this patch is not quite ready for committing.  There
are a couple of small problems with it:

  * What is the purpose of the USE_M32R_OLD_RELOC define ?  It 
    appears to be tested at several places in the code, but it is
    never set anywhere.

  * The patch introduces 6 new failures in the GAS testsuite,
    (m32r/allinsn, m32r/high-1, m32r/relax-1, m32r/uppercase,
    m32r/m32rx and vtable/entry0).  These must be fixed.

  * It should update guess_is_rela() in binutils/readelf.c to default
    to RELA type relocations for the M32R.

  * The gas/NEWS and ld/NEWS files should be updated to mention the
    support for the new m32r-linux target.

  * The patch appears to introduce little-endian versions of the m32r
    target vectors, but you did not mention this in your covering
    email.  Is this new feature intentional ?  If so, it ought to be
    explicitly covered in the relevant ChangeLog entries and also
    mentioned in the NEWS files as well.

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