[PATCH] Fix problem with sim_load (h8300)

Dhananjay R. Deshpande dhananjayd@KPITCummins.com
Thu Dec 18 05:50:00 GMT 2003

Hi Michael,

For convenience I use h8300-elf-gdb built with --enable-tragets=h8300-coff. This way I can debug/test both coff and elf objects. Because of this bfd recognizes "coff-h8300" format although binary is in elf32-h8300 format and it worked for me. 

The patch works fine for elf only build. Please check it in.


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> From: Michael Snyder [mailto:msnyder@redhat.com]
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> To: Dhananjay R. Deshpande
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> Subject: [PATCH] Fix problem with sim_load (h8300)
> Dhananjay, this seems to fix the problem.  I discovered that
> in most cases people don't pass a specific bfd-target to bfd_openr.
> They just let bfd figure out which target to use.
> I'll give you a chance to try this out before I check it in.
> Michael

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